With COVID-19 placing a massive disruption to the supply chain, now, more than ever, the importance of the food trucking industry has certainly not gone…

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We are hiring!  Drive during the day.  Be home at night. At Crowe Transportation, we take pride in the quality of our employees.  We are…

Hiring Drivers
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Hailing from York, Pennsylvania, Steve Strine has been driving truck for Crowe Transportation for over a decade.  Born and raised in Shrewsbury and New Freedom,…

Steve Strine
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He’s the voice Crowe Transportation’s fleet drivers hear when they are on the road. He keeps in touch with them to make sure they are on the correct route and will reach their destination on time. He is the first line of communication with each client, interacting with them, keeping them informed and answering any questions they may have about their delivery.

marlin martin, crowe's operations manager
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The key to running and maintaining a successful trucking company involves supporting the right market, knowing and investing in your customers’ changing needs, creating and…

map of major roads in pa pennsylvania
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