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Our Story

The narrative of Crowe Transportation is rooted in the life of its founder, Charles Crowe, who, before establishing his own venture in 1968, earned his way as a truck driver. It was with just a single truck and his extensive expertise that Charles set the cornerstone for what would grow into a robust family enterprise. Initially a milk transport service, the company has since evolved, faithfully serving the food industry’s logistics across the East Coast for over fifty years.

It was during the 1980s when the legacy saw continuation as Brian Crowe, Charles’ son, came aboard. He now steers the helm as owner and president, while preparing his own son, Austin, to inherit the company, ensuring the business continues to flourish within family hands.


By highlighting our food-industry specific focus, we emphasize how Crowe Transportation has expanded and adapted its services to precisely address the intricate requirements of our partners. Our commitment is to remain agile amidst the dynamic landscape of food industry regulations and demands.

With a substantial 290,000 square-foot storage facility, we leverage top-tier inventory management systems providing real-time insights to our clients. Our facilities boast state-of-the-art refrigeration and dry storage tailored to the specific needs of food product segregation.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver personalized, tailored services, making us an ideal partner. This includes providing flexible delivery options, cross-docking services, and storage solutions that cater to various scales. Recognizing that the food industry operates beyond the conventional 9 to 5, we stand ready to support our clients around the clock, committed to excellence at any hour.

Our pledge is unchanging – to treat our valued partners with the same care we reserve for our own family. It is more than just a tradition; it’s the Crowe promise, from Charles to Brian, and soon to Austin.

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